The behavior of drinking coffee is more expensive than caffeine?

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The behavior of “drinking coffee” is more expensive than caffeine?

How much do you spend on coffee in a month, especially for young people starting to work? It is popular to drink coffee that is quite pricey every morning. In fact, this behavior is not wrong. And it’s a personal taste. However, they have to look at the suitability of their income. Otherwise, it will become too extravagant until there is a lack of financial liquidity problems.

Because it is actually cheap or expensive, mainly measured by satisfaction, if you like, if you like, even if you have to take more money out of your pocket than usual. Still, it is “not expensive” if “willing to pay, but if we are not willing to pay, it needs to be paid when the feeling will change immediately. Therefore, paying more, paying less is not what the product is. But at the expense of the “happiness” more separately. Therefore, the decision to buy coffee in each cup. Depending on “Have enough payment,” “willing to pay, and “pay one time, but get more than caffeine.”

Let’s take a look at some of the factors that make many people go over coffee costs. “More than necessary.

Social media influence

Some people are addicted to social media presence. Live a luxurious life, look good, compete with friends on Facebook without knowing it. Bursting photos on Instagram waiting for people to like or envy comments. It’s time to figure out if you’re addicted to coffee or your social life. Anyone would indeed like to drink coffee in a nice shop with a nice atmosphere and take photos on social media as a souvenir. This is not wrong, But if it’s too much to spend too much money on thousands of salaries are exhausted by coffee shops. This has already made a sign of danger.

Because whenever you intensely take photos inside the store before you open the menu Purposely walking into a beautiful store, taking pictures of expensive menus on social media, but ordering the cheapest drinks in the store. Or order a cup of coffee, but rotate (cup) and turn another to find the angle to take pictures. Sitting for another hour without even thinking of picking up a glass and sipping. This may be a sign that you are already a slave to a glamorous lifestyle on social media.

When the value of coffee Not just caffeine

This may be “happiness in one’s heart” if paying for coffee each time You’re not paying for caffeine. But you also want something else. That is called “value.” As I said, coffee shops today have a lot on every street corner. Most of the time, the taste is just plain, not wow, but the prices are almost the same as the more expensive stores, with brands that are (probably) tastier and (of course) better in quality. Buy that value.

Human nature decides in which it is most satisfied. Even if the price you have to pay is not more than your own power And pay a few more baht While getting more satisfaction, It would be more cost-effective than the expensive payment. Still, getting ordinary things already, many people agreed “to pay a little more money. But let’s go to a better place “.

Well, it’s not the same coffee.

Most of the time, the quality of the products depends on the price. If we pay for expensive things, We expect great quality too. Compare easily with instant coffee and fresh coffee. (Very affordable) aroma, taste, freshness, and touch of drinking are not the same. This is a personal preference Anyone who likes sachet coffee eats sachet coffee. Like fresh coffee, buy fresh coffee. But do you have to ask yourself, how much is it necessary to pay attention to the aroma, taste, freshness, and sensation of drinking every morning?

If you really value them, it will be expensive or less expensive in the “willing to pay.” Buying freshly brewed coffee is a response to a need. But if you ignore them every morning. To eat fresh coffee, switch coffee bags is no problem. Suppose we do not have a stake with the money in his pocket. We do not need to suffer; instead, he has a goal of drinking coffee to cure sleepiness, look good, or look rich.

Coffee shops are not just selling coffee.

Service standards are what customers expect from the amount they pay. Many people have a joking saying, “Spend money on problems” that may come from their experiences. He was willing to pay a little more in exchange for a more comfortable service. Not upset, upset early in the morning Because of staff pung to the customer. Expect that the brewers will pay attention to every detail, including quality standards. And service standards.

Then the drinks that the store sells. Customers want appropriate service, price, and “optional” are some of the factors that make customers choose to enter the shop or not. It is especially useful to get more than coffee, such as a power socket to charge your phone battery, free high-speed Wi-Fi Or sitting area, resting, reading, working with no time limit, and just buying a drink in the shop. (Some stores at a certain price), many people pay for those extra options even though he knows that he’s already charged for his coffee, But it is considered worthwhile.

Income deducting the cost of coffee does not suffer.

“Money” is something that everyone can dream about because money helps us live without much thought. Easy to buy, easy to pay. Do not hesitate to pay or not to pay well. Because if we have enough money, We do not have to choose. Buy whatever you want. In this regard, it must also be considered whether the coffee cost each day affects the lump sum that must be kept in reserve or not. If you are in luxury with the cost of coffee, But there is no reserve money at all, it is not worth it.

But if you allocate the salary into pieces, divide the debt, divide it into savings, You still have money left over as other expenses comfortably. You don’t have to feel guilty about buying 100+ cups of coffee every day when it’s not that expensive for you.

Under the brand name, There is a value that creates value.

Easily noticed that brand-name products, Whether it is a consumer product or a service, Always has a high price, But even if the price is high, there will still be customers to subsidize. That’s his target audience, but partly the high price comes with a brand-name value. The product has a “story,” a strategy to use price to create value for the product. Therefore, it is not surprising that many people want to know what its value is until agreeing to pay high Even if it exceeds your own purchasing power.

Reduce the hassle

It cannot be denied that the price affects the accessibility of people. Most of the Thai population of the country is not high incomes. Products that are low in price make them more accessible and easier to touch. That means there can be chaos with each purchase. Crop the image to the high priced product. The people who can reach it are the groups that have taken their income to the next level. If this group of people sees the chaos faced when accessing the things most people eat, He did not think he would save himself.

The easiest to see is Between buses and taxis Buses are unpredictable when they come. I could not guess if there were room to crowd up or not, But the taxis ran through, waving in ten cars at a time. (Accepting not accepting another story) And definitely sit there with cool air conditioning, wide soft seats, no need to push anyone. If there is money to pay, Anyone can choose where they are comfortable. Coffee shops are as well. Waiting for a coffee shop in the street where the sun is hot, and rain is wet, inhaling car fumes. With sitting in a beautiful waiting room in the air conditioner, the feeling is different, right?



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